All Stainless Steel

$ 792.00 USD

XYZ Air S 4Kg./9Lbs

17-4PH stainless steel.
& 316/L stainless steel fluke.

Heavy duty rocks*/gravel/sand/mud/clay bottoms.

950cm2 fluke surface.
Stainless steel 5/16”/8mm D shackle included.
Stainless steel wire cable 5/16”/8mm - 46cm/18” included.
For boats up to 13M/45’.

Replaces typical 18Kg/40Lbs anchor.

* small rocks up to egg size

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$ 27.00 USD

5’16”/8 mm D shackle

316/L stainless steel.

Shackle & Wire Cable Combo

$ 75.00 USD

5/16”/8 mm D shackle with

5/16” stainless steel

46 cm/18” wire cable - combo.

Large fluke surface is made of the 316/L stainless steel or marine grade 5052 aluminum. Front triangle part blade (FTP) is made of the 17-4PH stainless steel. Mirror polished shank and satin finish front triangle fluke blade parts are made also of the 17-4PH stainless steel. The anchor shackle is connected to a short 46cm/18” stainless steel wire cable. XYZ Air S 4Kg./9Lbs requires minimum 2M/6’ chain that is connected with a shackle to a cable wire. Stainless steel shackle and cable wire are included in a package.

XYZ Air works by design, not by weight.

Anchor weight plays a small role in any sea bottom.

Even when set very deep and pulled from 180°, XYZ Air rotates horizontally without breaking out and continue to travel down deep, achieving enormous holding power. XYZ Air anchor constantly corrects its horizontal/adequate 30° angle position during burial process.

Holding power fluke surface area

1500cm2 - typical 40kg/90Lbs. anchor

Boat size* up to 30K winds

For average weight boat up to 19M/63’

Shackle/Cable Wire/Chain

3/8”-3/8”-3/8” 5M/18’

XYZ Air has NO roll-bar**, ballast or long bendable shank!

Front triangle fluke blade is made of the ultra-strong 17-4PH*** (H900) or 316/L stainless steel.

Ultra short and compact mirror polished shank is made of the ultra-strong 17-4PH (H900) or 316/L stainless steel.

Misleading marketing theory is that a general purpose anchor could not work on hard/rocky/gravel bottoms. Design of existing anchors is the issue! Roll-bar** and ballast plays key obstacle role for anchor to penetrate. Weight of an anchor plays a small performance role in any sea bottoms. XYZ Air works by design, not by weight.

All/most forces and abuse are concetrated on the front portion of the anchor.With a simple and powerful innovation XYZ Air anchor is indestructible in sand, clay and mud even when overpowered – irrelevant of a boat power, weight and size.

Fluke blade sides are sharp, thin and ultra-strong. Back flaps play key orientation and performance role.

Transparent fluke color is for presentation purpose only.







Why XYZ Anchors is the better choice


Nothing unnecessary

XYZ Air has no roll bar, ballast or long bendable shank.



Ultra short and compact mirror polished shank is made of ultra strong 17-4 PH.


Patent pending

Front triangle fluke blade is made of the ultra strong 17-4 PH.

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