Last updated 10/12/2022

XYZ Boat Anchor and XYZ Marine Products Policy

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Shipping & Payment Terms:

We generally ship merchandise within 2 business days of payment confirmation, by UPS Ground for continental US.International shipping is done by air. We also ship overnight on a request. Please call for rates for special delivery on domesticand international shipping.

Customs, Duties & Import Fees: Customs procedures and charges vary from country to country and XYZ Marine Products isnot responsible for any costs, delays or problems caused by shippers or customs once the shipment leaves our warehouse.All costs associated with importation are the sole responsibility of the customer and will be collected at time of customsclearance and/or upon delivery in destination country. Import costs, taxes, VAT, shipping charges are not included inmerchandise price. Please check with local officials to get a cost estimate before placing your order. If customs duties are notpaid, goods will be abandoned and no refund given.


We are so convinced that our XYZ Anchors are the best available boat anchors that we back every one with an exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty against breakage only when used in seabed such as sand, mud clay and other soft bottoms. The guarantee does not apply to use on rocks and hard sea bottoms, and lack of proper assembling. Guarantee is limited to repair or replacement of the parts of the boat anchor or of the complete boat anchor. If you find the boat anchor to be defective, contact us immediately upon receipt, we’ll repair, replace the item or give a full refund. Should any XYZ boat anchor, purchased from us, no longer perform as originally intended due to workmanship, described above, return it to us with paid postage and return postage prepaid, and we will either replace it with original or new model or repair it at our option for as long as you own it.

The guarantee does not apply to replacements or repairs resulting from normal wear and tear of the product, deterioration and corrosion. XYZ Marine Products does not grant any warranty on holding power or performance. Our guarantee disappears if the parts of the boat anchor or if the complete boat anchor is misused, altered or repaired without our agreement. Light discoloration may occur on the surface of stainless steel, but should disappear during usage, and this is not covered by our guarantee. Stainless steel cable wire must be replaced each season or after a maximum of six (6) months from the date of the purchase. Recommendation for boat anchor weight/boat size is limited to use on a good anchoring bottom such as deep consistent sand, mud and clay. XYZ Marine Product's Lifetime Warranty does not apply to products that are not XYZ-branded, even if packaged or sold with our XYZ products. The galvanized XYZ boat anchors could be returned, if not satisfied or for any reason, even if the product was used or damaged, in a 3 months period for full refund, except for shipping cost.

If you are unhappy with your purchase of 2022 stainless steel/aluminum XYZ Extreme Anchors, it could be returned for a full refund (minus shipping in both directions) in a period of 30 days as long as the product was not scratched, damaged or use din any way. Simply contact us within 15 days of the receipt to arrange a return.

XYZ Marine Products reserves the right to update, change specifications and improve its products at any time without notice.

Important notes:

The setting and holding ability of ANY boat anchor is not only a function of boat anchor size, weight and design; it is also a function of the seabed surface and its substance. Some seabed surfaces offer poor holding to ANY boat anchor. *Boat anchor weight/boat size suggestions are based on good anchoring bottoms such as deep consistent sand, mud and clay.

Performance data for XYZ boat anchors are also based on using appropriate size rode for the boat anchor weight and boat length. XYZ Marine Products does not grant any warranty on holding power or performance.

*The XYZ urge mariners, whenever possible, to avoid anchoring in living coral to avoid damaging this important ecosystem.Because of continued product improvement, XYZ reserves the right to make changes without notice.USA Patent # 5,469,802 USA and International Patent Pending

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